Nathalie – Founder, Designer, Seeker of Beautiful Things

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you followed your dreams?

After a rewarding career in military healthcare, that’s exactly what I did. I turned my passion for design and my experience in decorating interiors into the launch of JN Vanguard Design. The spaces that surround us play such an important role in how we feel that I think design isn’t a luxury…it’s a service! And I want to bring that service into your home.

As a busy mom and step-mom to 9 amazing kids (and fur-mom of 2 silly cats), I know that organization is key in being able to “breathe” in your home. But that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice beauty or comfort for function. Selection of quality materials and a bit of “thinking outside the box” goes a long way!

Above and beyond my formal decor and design education, I actively participate in the design community, continuously looking for new and exciting materials and finishes to better serve my clients. I bring a keen eye for attention to details and a meticulous work ethic to every project, ensuring each space feels authentic and reflects the client’s personality. There is nothing better than finding that perfect piece that speaks to you and then building a space around it that makes it feel like it was meant to be.

The art is not something you apply to your work. The art is the way you do your work, a result of your attitude towards it.

Charles Eames