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Back to BLACK

Let’s get back to the basics…of Black. Although it may seem like a pretty upfront kind of colour, Black isn’t just Black. Similar to its yang counterpart, White, that has thousands of shades and can look like every other colour except WHITE, the way we see Black will largely depend on its undertones, surrounding colours…

Getting to the Cord of the Matter

What’s that you say? New regulations are now being enforced that will turn the window covering world into a whirling tizzy of confusion and despair? Nope, haven’t heard of it… While this may be true for some, most decorators and designers have seen this coming and are now trying to deal with its impact. So…

Happy New Year!!

Yep, you read that right. If you’re like me, September is the real start of the year. Find out what Fall trends will keep you warm and cozy as the days get shorter.

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